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Sell your Art, Make $$

How to Sell Your Art Through Consultants
by Geoffrey Gorman
How to Become a Revenue Generating Artist
by Jodi Walsh
Art Pricing Secrets
by Molly Gordon

  • How to tell if an art consultant fits your situation
  • 3 ways to find an active consultant–and the 6 questions to ask
  • What you need to make them want to work with you
  • When, and how, to follow up and close the deal

A graduate of the Maryland Institute of Art, the Boston Museum School, and the Franklin College in Switzerland, Gorman’s popular “mind altering” sculptures, which he calls “Creatures of Curiosity,” is evidence that he has taken his own artist coaching advice to heart.


  • How to identify, and evaluate, a market place that you might not, normally, consider
  • How to identify which markets your work is suited for
  • How to recognize the business reality of any opportunity and respond immediately with a wise decision

For over 30 years Jodi has successfully marketed her own work, and helped artists market theirs, in corporate and residential markets using methodologies developed from her former corporate experience as Director of Marketing Communications for several software companies.


  • Why the usual rules of pricing don’t apply to art
  • How the Internet is changing pricing
  • How to negotiate consignment terms to get the best deal
  • What to do when galleries see pricing differently than artists
  • How to handle a gallery or collector asking for a discount
  • How to price commissioned work

Molly Gordon—creator of Authentic Promotion, and Grow Your Business, Feed Your Soul—is a Master Certified Coach using a mind-body-spirit approach to help “Accidental Entrepreneurs” learn how to embody prosperity based on service, purpose, and lifelong learning.


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How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Art
by Lori McNee
Thirty Dirty Secrets of Art Licensing
by J’net Smith
How to be Successful at Juried Fine Art Fairs
by Connie Mettler

  • How to ‘frame’ yourself on Social Media
  • How to attract followers and ‘stand out’
  • How to use my amazing formula for increasing your potential customer base
  • The two biggest mistakes artists make on social media
  • How to earn money for your art with social media

Besides painting, Lori is a professional blogger and a public speaker, named, “Top 10 Up and Coming Women Bloggers,” and currently ranks as one of the “Most Influential Artists” on Twitter and “The Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.”

She has also been featured in The Huffington Post, as well as, Art Heroes Blog, BlogTalkFM, Fine Art Views, Barney Davey’s Blog, and My Money Blog to name a few.



  • Which skills you need to profit from the 19.2 billion dollar art licensing industry
  • The best places to find manufacturers, art trends and good agents
  • Which contract points get you the best offer
  • How to protect yourself from contract points a manufacture sneaks in
  • Which negotiation tips can help the “not-so-salesy” artist

In six years, J’net Smith turned Dilbert™ from an unknown but syndicated comic strip into a 200 million dollar a year global brand. Since then, J’net has used her extensive experience to train and advise hundreds of artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, authors, illustrators, design firms, fine artists, creative companies, non-profits, and agents to maximize the power of their brands.


  • Critical differences between weekend art fairs, national art fairs, art expos, wholesale shows, and retail shows
  • Strategies for applying and being accepted at the top art fairs
  • How to prepare images for the jurying process
  • All about display equipment, resources and costs
  • The most effective ways to price your work, set up inventory, create a sales technique, and set up credit cards
  • What kind of advance marketing has the greatest impact
  • Strategies for applying and being accepted at the top art fairs

Connie Mettler is a veteran of the nation’s juried fine art fairs.  She and her husband, fine art photographer Norm Darwish, traveled the country selling his work at more than 500 top-rated events from Boston and Miami, Dallas and Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago from 1987 to 2006.

Now Connie publishes the #1 google rated web site for “art fairs”,, the only online calendar that lists the nation’s top events.

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Success Strategies

Three "C"ecrets of a Successful Art Career
by Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.
How to Get Sales in the Giclee Print Market
by Barney Davey
How to Put Deals Together so You Both Win
by Maria Brophy

  • What the heck “success” means anyway
  • When fear serves you or you serve fear
  • How commitment works and when you should give yourself some slack
  • How to harness the energy of completion without getting sidetracked
  • How to use the power of 3 to make sure your art career is on the right success track

As a writer, art-career coach, and entrepreneur who grew up in a family of artists, Ariane learned that it is possible for your creative right brain, and your career-strategy left brain, to become smooth-as-silk dancing partners.

She is also your best art-career ally, especially if you understand that presenting your work with confidence and credibility is as basic as good art supplies.


  • How to create your brand by coordinating your website, email, publicity and social media
  • How to sell directly online
  • How to control your distribution channels
  • How to diversifying your price points
  • How to identify the best online art retail partners
  • How to locate and work with the best giclée printers

Barney Davey—with 20 years as sales and marketing executive for Décor magazine and Décor Expo, as well as art marketing and advertising strategy consultant for art publishers and self-published artists—is the leading authority in fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art


  • To use your creativity to team up with big brands for profit and promotion
  • How to maintain artistic integrity when teaming up with a big brand or company
  • To license your artwork to manufacturers so you earn from the same image, again and again
  • To align with companies that will pay you to do what you do best: being an artist!
  • The secret to getting sponsored by art companies and other brands

For the last decade, Maria has been an art -licensing consultant and agent to lifestyle artist Drew Brophy.  She produced the TV show called The Paint Shop With Drew Brophy and is co-author of the e-book How To Understand Art Licensing Contracts.

Maria consults on art licensing and deal making with the intention of helping artists gain confidence in their own business savvy.

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How to Reclaim Your Confidence
by Deborah Ivanoff, PhD, MSC
How to Transition from Part-Time to Full-Time Artist
by Aletta de Wal, M.Ed.
A Quick and Easy Marketing Plan
by Alyson Stanfield

  • How to assess, manage and increase your current level of confidence.
  • How to vaporize fear and put yourself back in control before you speak to anyone
  • How to stop anxiety over rejection or judgment in it’s tracks
  • How to reset your physiology so it is dialed to love, service, curiosity and prosperity
  • How to use your confidence building muscles in your business to power other areas of your life

Deborah is an author, facilitator, mediator and master life-work coach who lives by the mantra that the seed of any solution lives within the challenge. Her expertise is helping entrpreneurs overcome emotional blocks and difficult communication problems that can slow or even paralyze them. Her techniques vanquish stubborn patterns by working with the brain, body, heart and spiritual disciplines of each individual.



  • How to respond when people diss you for making art full time
  • How to master your time, energy, and money in the transition to full time art
  • Which record keeping systems help you get and measure your business
  • How to handle the tough times with grace and ease
  • The core art marketing skills you need to promote your work
  • How to banish artist isolation so your creative juices stay fresh

An artist in her own right, Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. conducts personal consultations and professional art-career programs as director of her Artist Career Training business.


  • Get clear about your vision for your art career
  • Identify your most likely art buyers and reach more of them
  • Assess and improve your sales and exhibition venues
  • Prioritize and develop your promotional materials
  • Be confident about your next steps

Ms. Stanfield, a former art museum curator, is now the founder of and the author if I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.

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Robert Fritz - Your Life as Art
by Robert Fritz
Gentle Organizing for Creative Spirits
by Jennifer Hofmann

  • How to use the same mastery of the creative process you have in making art in your career, business, and life
  • How to identify the underlying structures of creative response that will either save you or sabotage you
  • How to phase in a business strategy consistent with your dreams and values
  • How to work with the roller-coaster of emotions that artists often go through as they produce their work
  • How to manage the demands of art dealers while being true to yourself and your work

Best selling international author, Robert Fritz, is also a composer, filmmaker, and management guru.  His principles around the creative process have been used by artists of all kinds, as well as by Fortune 500 companies and development projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.


  • The case for gentleness: Why organizing is useful but not the only answer
  • The gift of clutter: The hidden value in the things around you
  • How you can use creativity to help you become more organized and mindful
  • How to organize your space for your creative spirit
  • >Which 3 tools will increase flow, clear space, and creativity.

Jennifer Hofmann was not born organized. In fact, her creativity and ADD meant she started projects she never finished, was surrounded by clutter, and struggled to keep up with everyday tasks. Today, Jennifer still isn’t the poster child for House Beautiful, but she understands people who struggle with clutter and overwhelm and offers unique solutions that help small businesses grow and thrive.

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More Visibility

Boost Your Art Career with Publicity, Promotion, and the Power of Self Belief
by Barney Davey
Giclee Printing - How to Master the New Frontier
by Stan Bowman
25 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Your Art
by Joan Stewart

  • To create coordinated, powerful, multifaceted promotional and publicity campaigns
  • The insider secrets for exploiting traditional media
  • Easy, affordable ways to use press releases
  • How to take inspiration from artists whose self-belief made their careers
  • How to get the best results when you reach out to media contacts

Barney Davey—with 20 years as sales and marketing executive for Décor magazine and Décor Expo, as well as art marketing and advertising strategy consultant for art publishers and self-published artists—is the leading authority in fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art.


  • How digital imaging and printing has opened new possibilities for artists
  • What a giclée is, and if they are all basically the same
  • The three most important considerations you MUST pay attention to when producing a giclée
  • How to be sure your giclée turns out superb and stands the test of time
  • Which price points mean what for your giclée
  • How to choose the right professional, or if you should print giclées yourself
  • Which 6 tips you need to successfully market a giclée print

With an MFA in photography, and then 28 years of teaching photography and digital imaging at Cornell University, I left to pursue my own career as an artist.

For over 40 years, my works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in photography, painting, and digital art. Collections of my work include the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Bibilotech National in Paris, the German Photographic Society, and others.

After printing giclées of my own work, artist colleagues began asking me to make prints for them. With state of the art printing equipment, I love nothing more than collaborating with other artists to achieve superb prints.


  • How to use Twitter to create a ready-made audience of potential art buyers
  • Why you must have a Facebook profile and why Facebook is one of the best sites for selling
  • The incredible power of LinkedIn and how you must promote very differently on this site than on most other social networking sites
  • How to use online video to sell artwork and attract art enthusiasts to your events
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of social networking that keep you from getting flagged as a spammer

As a publicity expert, a media relations consultant, and professional speaker, Ms. Stewart teaches  her how to catch the attention of frazzled news directors, busy reporters and grumpy editors.

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Beyond Beginners - Selling More Art on Facebook
by Christine Buffaloe

  • How you can sell art through Facebook
  • The single most important thing you need to know to be successful on Facebook
  • The 5 most confusing things about Facebook
  • Step-by-step, how to create your Facebook profile, fan page, events, and more
  • Tips and techniques on how to connect your Facebook profile and fan page with video, slide shows of your art, and even checkout pages for sales

Christine Buffaloe, Sole Proprietor of Serenity Virtual Assistant Services, specializing in Social Media Management. She has created and currently manages many social networking profiles and fan pages on Facebook, to include, internet marketers, musicians, event promoters, publicists, just to name a few.

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Galleries & Collectors

How to Put Together a Winning Porfolio
by Shirley Williams
Be Unforgettable: 6 Actions to Guarantee Collectors Remember You
by Alyson Stanfield
How to Get Collectors Without Getting a Gallery
by Aletta de Wal

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in putting together your portfolio
  • What to include—and what to leave out
  • What is the right number of images—and how to label them for impact
  • How to write an impressive cover letter
  • How to present your portfolio—and to whom

Shirley Williams, a full-time professional artist, was the winner of the 2008 National Portfolio Competition across Canada. She has been featured in numerous publications including a biography in The Artist’s Magazine, the Visual Artist in Residence for the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and a solo museum show in Windsor, Canada.

In addition to numerous public, corporate and private collections, major international projects include site-specific commissions for a private jet lounge and an award-winning, 127-foot yacht in the Virgin Islands.


  • The #1 way to impress your collectors
  • A sure-fire way to make marketing less icky and more comfortable
  • Advantages and disadvantages of communication platforms
  • How to create a trusted system that guarantees prompt follow-up

Ms. Stanfield, a former art museum curator, is now the founder of and the author if I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.


  • How to get the exposure you need to sell your own work
  • What are the 7 trade offs you accept as you side step the gallery system
  • What are the 7 drawbacks to going it alone
  • How to develop a mailing list that works for you
  • How to decide which format to show your art for which audience
  • The best ways to generate publicity
  • Which professional relationships are crucial

An artist in her own right, Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. conducts personal consultations and professional art-career programs as director of her Artist Career Training business.

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