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Sell your Art, Make $$

Three Inescapable Laws of Selling Art
by Molly Gordon, MCC
Create Strategic Alliances to Sell Your Art
by Mark Silver
Take Charge, Skip the Galleries, and Sell your Art
by Daniel Grant

  • the surprising truth about your relationship with your customers
  • how to make yourself and your art accessible–with class!
  • how to relate to your own sense of self-worth
  • why the difference between economic value and artistic value is so crucial

Molly Gordon—creator of Authentic Promotion, and Grow Your Business, Feed Your Soul—is a Master Certified Coach using a mind-body-spirit approach to help “Accidental Entrepreneurs” learn how to embody prosperity based on service, purpose, and lifelong learning.


  • what a strategic alliance is (it’s not as rigid and formal as it sounds)
  • how to approach a “potential” strategic alliance for the best chance at success
  • how to to create “buzz!” by leveraging the power of strategic alliances

Mark Silver, founder of Heart of Business, is a business consultant and healer who brings an active connection with the Divine to his work with hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate managers, and non-profits.


  • How to show and sell your work: At Juried Arts & Crafts Shows / In Studio Shows / In Cooperative Galleries / In Your Own Gallery/ Over the Internet / At Artist-curated Exhibitions / Through Art / Leasing/Renting / In Restaurants, Book Stores, & Cafes
  • With the right materials: Your: Price List, Postcard, Bio, Artist Statement, & Sales Receipt
  • Plus Guidelines fo rhow to talk about your art and close a sale.

Daniel Grant, an arts writer, is the contributing editor of American Artist magazine and a lecturer on artist career development at Amherst College, Yale School of Art, and Smith College.


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Selling Your Art to Corporations - Demystified!
by Barbara Markoff
Putting Art Prints in Perspective - How You Can Build a Second Income in the Art Print Market
by Barney Davey
A Success Story - Artist as Writer and Workshop Leader
by Claudine Hellmuth

  • which industries purchase fine art
  • if your artwork makes the grade for corporate decision makers
  • two things you MUST do do increase your chances for a sale
  • which criteria you need for “site specific commissions”

Barbara Markoff, with three decades of hands-on experience, is a corporate art consultant for businesses in healthcare, hospitality, banking, finance, law, education, biotechnology, telecommunications, and commercial real estate. She knows her stuff!



  • how to get started in this second-income, art print market
  • which 5 things determine when your work is ready for the art print market
  • the different types of prints, and which one is right for you
  • the difference between self-publishing and working with a publisher
  • the technical details of images and giclees that you need to know

Barney Davey—with 20 years as sales and marketing executive for Décor magazine and Décor Expo, as well as art marketing and advertising strategy consultant for art publishers and self-published artists—is the leading authority in fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art

On workshops, learn…

  • how to find the perfect workshop venue, set it up and price it right
  • the best way to start your workshop, pace it, and bring to a close
  • what an instructor agreement is (sample included in handout)
  • how to sell your own art at your workshop—with grace and ease

On your book, learn…

  • how to come up with the concept
  • how to write an easy book proposal
  • how to find the right publisher
  • how to navigate contracts, royalties and marketing when your proposal is accepted

Ms. Hellmuth is a nationally known collage artist featured in numerous magazines, on book covers, and licensed for multiple products. She teaches mixed media collage workshops in the US and Canada, and has been a guest on TV shows such as the DIY Channel and the Home and Garden Network.

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Success Strategies

Visioning - Designing the Art Career of Your Dreams
by Lucia Capacchione
5 3/4 Keys to Overnight Success - Make a name For Yourself Without Making Yourself Crazy
by Molly Gordon
Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist with Three Key Questions
by Eden Maxwell

  • how to use the Visioning® process to create a right-brain map of your dream art career
  • how to identify what stops you from moving ahead
  • how to remove any roadblocks that stall you out
  • which 3 keys guarantee your dream  is successful

(P.S. Following her own process, Ms. Capacchione is running a gallery and living one of her dreams.)

As a designer for Hallmark and Mattel, Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., was also a management trainer and creativity consultant for 10 years at Walt Disney Imagineering before becoming an art therapist. Her love affair with creativity lead to Visioning®, a signature process to help artists succeed.


  • what is the most powerful force impacting what you do and who you are
  • how to take charge of internal habits that sbbotage success
  • how to dissolve resentments that leave you discouraged and frustrated
  • a simple way to handle stress about money and success

Molly Gordon—creator of Authentic Promotion, and Grow Your Business, Feed Your Soul—is a Master Certified Coach using a mind-body-spirit approach to help “Accidental Entrepreneurs” learn how to embody prosperity based on service, purpose, and lifelong learning.

This is a 3 part presentation


  • Why you are an artist
  • Where your art comes from
  • and what is the intrinsic value of what you do

An artist and writer, Eden is the bestselling author of The Magnificent Book of Kites, as well as a contributing write for Popular Science, OMNI, MacUser, Art Calendar magazine, and the Drachen Foundation Journal (for kite lovers).

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by Peter Jason Riley
by Aletta de Wal, M.Ed.
by Eric Maisel

  • the top 10 tax tips (for artists) that save money, time, and trouble
  • which deductions you could missed
  • how to avoid an audit – and what to do if you are audited
  • how the IRS defines the “business” of art – and how different business structures (corporation or LLC) might benefit you

Peter Jason Riley, CPA, has run his own tax accounting firm focused on artists for over 20 years in Newburyport, MA. He has also written and published a book “A New tax Guide for Artists of Every Persuasion.”


  • which artist myths serve you, and which derail you
  • the real benefits of keeping your day job
  • which attitudes, as an artist, you must transform
  • why getting a gallery is just the beginning of you taking charge
  • when your art does not speak for itself

An artist in her own right, Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. conducts personal consultations and professional art-career programs as director of her Artist Career Training business.


  • how to overcome resistance to the business side of your art career
  • the magic of 10 seconds of attention
  • how to steer toward success with 12 artist-friendly, focusing tools
  • how “doing business” helps you become an advocate for yourself and your art
  • how “doing business” helps you become an advocate for yourself and you art
  • how to balance creating and marketing to maximize your strengths

Author of thirty books, Eric Maisel, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a columnist for Art Calendar Magazine, a regular contributor for Art of the Song Creativity Radio, and hosts two shows on the Personal Life Media Network.

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Bring It On! How Resistance Can Waken Up Your Creative Process
by Barbara Bowen
Creative Rhythms - Are You in Synch?
by Waverly Fitzgerald
Art Law - What do Artists Really Need to Know?
by Leonard D. DuBoff

  • how to befriend your inner critic and harness the power of anxiety
  • why resistance is a natural force in the creative process
  • how to welcome resistance when it shows up
  • why you need to know how art keeps our society healthy and vital

Herself a writer and photographer, Barbara Bowen is also a coach who helps artists and other creative professionals smoothly transition into a creative career.


  • how to experience time, goals, and planning as your best friend
  • how to trigger a surge of creative work in which season
  • how to increase productivity of your creative process
  • the connection between your “prime time” and you most creative time
  • how to expand your time horizon so it leads to greater success

Waverly Fitzgerald, teacher and author, has written Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythm of Life, a book based on years of research to help creative people have a more spacious and meaningful relationship with time.


  • what to do about copyrights, trademarks, and service marks
  • how to avoid losing the legal protection your work needs
  • which international copyright laws affect you
  • how to save time and money with an art-law specialist

Mr. DuBoff, a pioneer in the field of art law and practicing attorney, represents museums, galleries, dealers, photographers, artists and craftspeople. He has taught at the Stanford Law School and written 9 books on Art Law in plain English.

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More Visibility

by Alyson Stanfield
The Power of Facebook
by Mari Smith

  • why you don’t have to max out your credit cards to build your art career
  • how to apply other artists’ creative promotions to your own work
  • the magic of teaming up with a nonprofit
  • how to write emails that are opened, read, and forwarded by the right people
  • multiple ways to generate a wildly successful buzz by putting your audience first

Ms. Stanfield, a former art museum curator, is now the founder of and the author if I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion.


  • why you can’t afford to ignore Facebook’s 500 million, daily, active users (3 years ago, it was 4 mil!)
  • how to use Facebook to drive traffic to your website and blog
  • how to quickly gain search engine ranking
  • how to create a team of quality professionals eagerly promoting your work

A social media maven since 2007, Mari specializes in relationship marketing, email marketing and web copy for solopreneurs who are conscious, heart-centered, and concerned about making a difference on the planet… not just making a dollar.

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Galleries & Collectors

by Jason Horejs
by Paul Dorrell
Ezines, Bios, and Blogs! The Top 3 Writing Problems that Stop Artists Cold - and How to Solve Them
by Joan Stewart

This is a 2 part presentation


  • how to figure out if your work is right for a gallery
  • how to present your work to gallery owners
  • the 4 preparation principles that increase your chances of success
  • why inventory is important–and how to assess and manage yours
  • the surprising truth about pricing

As a gallery owner, writer, and the son of a successful artist, Jason Horejs has art and the business of art flowing through his veins.


  • how to be taken seriously by galleries
  • the success secrets of branding, pricing, and organization
  • which collateral materials you really need (and which are nice to have)
  • the insider secrets about what gallery owners want, and what they’ll ask you for
  • how to turn rejection into success

Paul Dorrell’s Leopold Gallery retains clients such as Warner Brothers, H&R Block, the Mayo Clinic, The Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and 1000s of private and corporate collectors. He is also the author of the guidebook: Living the Artist’s Life.


  • how to increase your collector base by integrating your newsletter, bio, and blog
  • how to compel people to look at your art with the right content in your blog
  • 12 steps to pull in traffic with engaging blog content
  • 8 easy ways you can find content for your newsletter (without writing it all!)
  • what kills good writing (just 6 simple mistakes)

As a publicity expert, a media relations consultant, and professional speaker, Ms. Stewart teaches  her how to catch the attention of frazzled news directors, busy reporters and grumpy editors.

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