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Bargain Basement

by Joyce Bettencourt
Blogging Landed Me on National TV
by Claudine Hellmuth
by Biana Babinsky

  • What is Second Life, and what it means for artists
  • How Second Life lets you show your work, connect with art/culture organizations and collaborate with peers
  • How other artists in the Second Life earn extra income
  • How networking in a virtual world leads to real world commissions and art sales
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your art inside Second Life

Joyce is an artist, designer and digital media producer began using the virtual world of Second Life, since January of 2005, for networking, marketing, creating art, and curating virtual art galleries and charity events.


  • Why most blogs fail (and how not to)
  • Blogging etiquette – the secret ins and outs of the blogosphere
  • How blogging can land you on national TV
  • Free and easy ways to promote your blog so it’s the best PR tool ever
  • How to use your blog to take your art business to the next level

Ms. Hellmuth—a nationally known collage artist featured in numerous magazines, on book covers, and licensed for multiple products—teaches mixed media collage workshops in the US and Canada, and has been a guest on the DIY Channel and Home and Garden Network TV shows.


  • How to set up your Twitter profile
  • Which time-saving tools save you precious time
  • How to avoid common mistakes in creating your account, your profile, and your tweets
  • How to find collectors – and broaden your online network
  • How to tweet from multiple sources
  • How to make your Twitter account attractive enough to get the right follower

Biana teaches professionals how to use online marketing and list building techniques to attract as many clients as they need.

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So Much Social Networking, So Little Time
by Nancy Marmolejo
How to Get FREE Publicity For Your Art - Online and Offiline
by Joan Stewart
The Changing Face of Licensing
by Michael Woodward

  • Why social networking is THE place to be for online marketing
  • How to create a single update – that magically appears across all your social media sites
  • About 5 social networking sites you can set up in a few minutes
  • About the One Big Strategy you must keep in mind to be successful in social media
  • How to schedule your social networking for maximum exposure and minimum time

Nancy Marmolejo, with over 100 media credits to her name, is a PR, media, and social networking strategist helping entrepreneurs get known. She founded, with clients in business, niche industries, the Arts, and personal development.


  • Where to go and who to talk to
  • How to quickly find the information you need on what’s happening in your artistic field
  • About 9 inexpensive, and easy ways, to generate tons of online publicity
  • What “expertise” really is – and how to be viewed as an expert in your artistic field

As a publicity expert, a media relations consultant, and professional speaker, Ms. Stewart teaches  her how to catch the attention of frazzled news directors, busy reporters and grumpy editors.


  • How to find out where your work fits
  • How to produce work to suit a client’s needs
  • How to find out current industry trends in color and design
  • What kind of presentation will impress an Art Buyer (or turn them off!)
  • How you find out what’s happening in the industry best suited for your art
  • Which shows are worth it (and which will take your money and run!)
  • How to understand Licensing Agreements

When Michael speaks, everyone listens. With one of the first art licensing companies in the world, in Europe, Michael Woodward licensed over $600 million in retail products over 22 years.

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by Michael Woodward
by Adam J. Natale
by Steve White

  • How to get an art director to choose your artwork in the first place
  • What’s the biggest mistake you can make when licensing your work
  • The DOs and Don’ts of using the Internet as your secret art-licensing weapon
  • How to use presentations to your advantage (they’re not what they used to be)
  • Find out what “art buyer burnout” is and how to avoid it
  • Which licensing shows are still worth the effort

When Michael speaks, everyone listens. With one of the first art licensing companies in the world, in Europe, Michael Woodward licensed over $600 million in retail products over 22 years.


  • Where to find low-cost,  group health insurance for artists
  • How to use networking and collaboration to jumpstart creativity and inspiration
  • How to break the artist isolation grip and find the groups you need for sharing resources and ideas
  • How to learn about other artists’ experiences with approaching galleries, museums, and collectors
  • How to find grants and other financial opportunities

Adam Natale was the Director of Member Services at Fractured Atlas (, a multi-disciplinary, non-profit, arts organization, which offers resources and support (from fund raising to artist insurance) to 25,000 artists nationwide.


  • Which mistakes in your website design can confuse and frustrate your visitors
  • Why website traffic means going back to simple, easy, basic steps (forget the fancy stuff!)
  • How 4 crucial factors make or break direct sales from your website
  • How to save money on website design, and the most you should be spending

Steve White, founder of Growth Communications, has been involved in marketing and development for,,, as well as dozens of small businesses including artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, and musicians.

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Selling Your Art on eBay: I'm Spilling All My Secrets
by Susan Greaves
You, the Earth, and Toxic Art - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
by Linda Fries

  • The 7 key ingredients for successfully selling art on eBay
  • Which 3 critical factors you must consider when pricing for eBay
  • What it means to “keep up with the eBay dance”
  • How to coordinate your eBay listings to grow other online sales

After 7 years of selling on eBay, Susan learned how to keep previous connections to venues that built her career (galleries & honorary art associations), how you must present the work on eBay, build a following, encourage repeat purchases, handle shipping options and international sales, and why you need customer service.


  • Which “earth-safe” art materials do not cause harm to any living system
  • Why art materials are among the most toxic consumer products available
  • What “non-toxic” really means
  • What are the best ways to reduce or eliminate unknown toxic art material hazards
  • Where do you find earth-safe art products

Linda Fries, a San Francisco artist and emeritus board member of WEAD: Women Environmental Artists Directory, has been painting professionally since the late 1970’s, and working with art-safe materials since 1993.

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