Artists Speak Out!


Inspired And Motivated

Even areas that I didn’t think would interest me had me thinking about other possibilities. The whole Telesummit focused me, got me inspired and motivated.

Dominic Rouse


Golden Nuggets

I am very excited about being part of this smARTist® community. I found so much helpful information from all the speakers. Molly Gordon, especially, seemed to have some golden nuggets for me. They were all great choices and covered the gamut. I’m listening to it all over again!

Chris Bolmeier


Valuable Info!

REALLY valuable info! Got a LOT of ideas on things I can do to make a difference in my career. Thanks so much!

Todd Baxter


It Was A Big Decision

This smARTist® Conference has been excellent. It was a big decision for me to take the risk and spend the money and I’m extremely pleased. The presenters give genuinely of their knowledge. I don’t feel as if anyone is holding back promised information. I have learned many specific things, and I am gaining a better understanding of the BIG picture.

Virginia Folkestad


Practical And Inspirational

As an art educator and artist, I signed up for smARTist® Telesummit, knowing that my full-time teaching meant delayed evening access to the information. But I have been steadily listening, writing, making notes (and plans) as I slowly transition from full-time teaching to exhibiting and selling my art.

Thank you for putting together such a practical and inspirational set of discussions. I was encouraged by hearing what I was doing right. I often recognized myself as I listened to Molly Gordon. I was challenged to a greater professionalism by Michael Woodward, and really, by every speaker.

Dawn Marie Rozzo


Helpful Ideas Across The Board

I had a huge concern that this conference would not be a good fit because I’m not focused on selling my art in galleries and to collectors. After yesterday’s first panel session, I see that the marketing ideas are helpful across the board.

I doubt that I would be where I am with regard to the DVD, web sites, and earning affiliate sales without smARTist®. I’ve participated in many, many courses and it’s wonderful this time to be among people who are concerned about focusing on the arts.

Sheila Finkelstein


Able To Grow My Business That Much Faster

Nowadays, many professionals want to keep their “secrets” secret, because it’s job security. These experts laid it on the line, all the tips and tricks that they have learned over the years.

I was able to take their years of experience to escalate and grow my business that much faster. Everyone was so honest and radiated awesome energy and knowledge. Thank you for everything!

Jill Cywka


A Great Benefit To Artists Who Want To Succeed

As an emerging artist I found the smARTist® Telesummit speakers knowledgeable on a variety of pertinent topics about how to be more successful in thne marketplace: getting good gallery representation; the possibilities of licensing; representing myself through my own website; and a variety of tips on connecting with interested collectors.

I think the Telesummit information is of great benefit to artists who want to succeed.

Gregory Reade


Wow, I Am Learning So Much!

Wow. I just want to tell you that I think you are doing an extraordinary job and I am learning so much. I just listened to the audio for Day 2, and I’m impressed by the top-notch caliber of the speakers, and the level of the questions and answers.

They covered so many different angles of the art-selling process… not only the external How-Tos, but the importance of examining and recognizing what is happening in your inner landscape. I want to commend you on an incredible job… you ran a marathon with flying colors!

Amadea Bailey


I just registered for the Telesummit 2008! How could I NOT participate after how GREAT smARTist® 2007 was??? That would be just plain CRAZY!

Rena Tucker


My Time And Money Were Well Spent

I received much more than I expected from the smARTist® TeleSummit, and feel that my time and money were well spent. As an emerging artist, who didn’t know where her career was headed, I’ve spent many restless nights not wanting to wake up the next day, fearing the future. Now, with the information given by your smARTist™ experts, I have goals to achieve and actual sources that I can turn to for help.

I discovered that there are many avenues I can explore for a successful career. I have a clearer understanding of the “big picture” and what’s expected of me if I want to succeed as an artist. I also have a new group of kindred smARTist® spirits to share trials and triumphs with. I wish this had been available when I first graduated from art school a decade ago! Although I have taken a similar course locally, the depth and breadth of the TeleSummit astounded me.

I have much work to do, to research and put into practice what I’ve learned, but I look forward to each new day with pleasure and hope. The TeleSummit gave me new found confidence and invaluable knowledge.

Michelle Casey


I feel confident That I’ll Succeed

Thank you for pulling together such an outstanding panel of experts. You did a wonderful job of creating the concept for the smARTist® TeleSummit and organizing the talent. I work in the arts, but am beginning a lateral move into a fine art career.

With all of this new info, I feel confident that I’ll succeed in making this career change a viable reality. Thanks again for your efforts, and I look forward to being a part of this community.

Victoria Primicias


I learned So Much

I’ve been selling online and elsewhere for years now (started out on eBay in 2000) and wanted to focus more of my efforts into success. I learned so much at the Telesummit about things I could improve, and ways to tweak parts of my entire work process.

Pamela Brooke


Absorbing Every Nugget

So far, the summit has been great!! I still have my “day job ” (planning on giving it up this summer) so having the option to download the audio recordings and listen to the presentations when I please makes participating in the smARTist® Telesummit possible.

Plus, I can listen as a “slow-paced” learning and still absorb every nugget!! Thanks.

Barbara Sistak Baur


Glad I Invested

I just wanted to say that I’m glad I invested in this telesummit and thank you.

Susan McAliley


Saved Me A Lot Of Time

I’m loving what I am learning so far. It sure gives you a lot to think about. Great information. You and your staff have done a wonderful thing in organizing this TeleSummit.

There is so much to know, but this conference saved me a lot of time by bringing it to me all at once instead of trying to search it out on my own. It was AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jan Gilbert


Far Exceeded My Expectations

I found that the smARTist® Telesummit far exceeded my expectations. The speakers were professionals at the top of their respective fields of expertise.

I was so grateful for their wisdom, insights and practical suggestions. smARTist™ took me from a place of bewildered intention about how to build my business to one of deliberate, prioritized action. Many thanks Ariane, for all your hard work, focus and fabulous hosting.

Kathy Ford


I Am So Excited

Thank you! What a great call this morning… my head is swimming and I am so excited. Just writing down my intention at the first of the week made a huge difference in my life and art career. I love the smARTist™ conference!

Catherine Foster


I’ve Learned More Here Than Anything I’ve Attended

This really is exciting. The smARTist® Telesummit has been terrific. I am SO GLAD that I signed up! The info was great, the speakers full of knowledge and awareness, the sound clear, and the questions were good.

I’ve attended lots of seminars on art and design, and I’ve learned more here to help me to earn a better living than anything I’ve attended on the internet or trudging around a conference site on foot.

Even though I’ve been running my own business for 26 years, hearing information from so many different perspectives is huge for me. Thank you for doing this conference!

Paula Zima


So Many Jewels

I thank all of you for this great opportunity! This conference has given me so many jewels. I am excited and honored to participate in such a great, dynamic event and I look forward to more in the future!

Shelby Frago


Deeply Helpful

I’m an emerging artist who participated in this year’s smARTist® Telesummit—to my great up-liftment and support. I have been listening to the CDs as I drive around doing my day job and I continue to learn so much.

The greatest shift is some inner awareness, understanding, and the ability to see (perception) my next steps as an artist. I know that my art business is doable, and that it and I can thrive.

Right after the live event, she was pretty happy too…

Thank you, Ariane, and everyone on today’s panel. I am gaining confidence, and a framework on which to build my business, set priorities, and plan my next steps without completely flipping out. Simple statements like, “one needs to give equal time to marketing as to the development of a body of work,” are deeply helpful as I move into a full time art career.

Stede Barber


A Gold Mine Of Information

smARTist® has been a gold mine of information. A lot of it was not completely new to me, but having it presented in a focused time frame reinforced by the different viewpoints of each presenter really helped me prioritize.

The idea of working backward from a desired goal, for me, is worth the price of admission, since I’ve often gotten stuck going in the other direction. I’d just like to say how helpful it all has been.



Hits All Three: Marketing, Creativity, Empowerment

I am an artist, with a minor in marketing, and I love both marketing and creativity. I also enjoy hearing about empowering people. I think the smARTist® TeleSummit was wonderful and hit all three very well.

Now, even before I create my work, I’m thinking about how best to market it with the information from this conference guiding me. I am getting what I need, not from one speaker, but from tying together the information from all the speakers. Thanks so much for coordinating this.

Judith G. Glover


Put The Wind Back Into My Sails

I got so many great ideas on promotion from the smARTist® Telesummit that I began implementing several things in tandem. At first I was paralyzed with fear, but once I got one ball rolling it was so easy… and I’m having so much fun!

The process has put the wind back into my sails and I have a whole list of projects I can hardly wait to start. I am feeling like an artist again after a long, dormant time.

Gretchen Ericson


 Furiously Scribbling Notes

Hi Ariane, You haven’t heard questions from me because I’m furiously scribbling notes as I listen. I’m tremendously pleased with the information. There is so much here that I’m sure I will be rereading the handouts and notes and listening to these presentations for a long time to come.

Clarity, focus, and choices are issues coming up for me. I’m coming away with a whole lot of ammunition to help me set and reach my goals and where to go when I need help.

[A few days later…] I thought that I would let you know that at the end of listening to a couple of the free seminars, I was already thinking differently and am now seeing some interesting results.

Now I have a heightened understanding of where and what to do to get exposure. I’m looking forward to an exciting year and continued involvement with smARTist®.

Thank you for your efforts in putting this together. You really gathered some wonderful speakers as well as gave some great presentations yourself.

Phyllis Tarlow


Pleased And Energized

I have been putting the smARTist® TeleSummit recordings into iTunes and then listening on my iPod! And I’ve been very pleased and energized with the information provided and positive energy.

If the rest is the same as the first session or two, I’ll be very pleased and know I will have learned a lot from everyone. Thanks so much.

Victoria L. Herring


Wealth Of Information

I am loving the smARTist® conference. Thank you for providing this wealth of information.

Rive Nestor


Absolutely Got Value For Money

The smARTist® Telesummit was wonderful. You had a superb line-up of speakers and the information in the handouts was fabulous. I absolutely got value for money. Thank you for putting this on with such grace and clarity.

I am confident and inspired. And I’ll be telling all my artist friends to consider the Telesummit when you next offer it.

Stacey Apeitos


Profoundly Impacted My Awareness

I sure like the attitude presented by you and the smARTist® TeleSummit, and how you worked with the technology to make sharing all of this incredible information possible.

With every passing day, what smARTist® facilitated for me has been uplifting and significant. Not just participating, but INCLUDING: ongoing access to networked information, experiences of other artists, and an incredible wealth of knowledge that continues to profoundly impact my awareness of all the possibilities for a working artist, as well as my life as a human being!

The smARTist® TeleSummit was a find for me! If only you knew HOW MUCH this has affected my life for the better. I send you this tremor of gratitude because what you have done is revolutionary, Ariane, and as I continue to uncover my own gifts I am probably going to come back again to say Thank you!!!!!

Kerrie B. Wrye


These Experts Laid It On The Line

Thank you so much for this incredible program with so many fantastic experts! Nowadays, many professionals want to keep their “secrets” secret, because it’s job security. These experts laid it on the line, all the tips and tricks that they have learned over the years.

I was able to take their years of experience to escalate and grow my business that much faster. Everyone was so honest and radiated awesome energy and knowledge. Thank you for everything!

Jill Cywka


Supported And Encouraged My Marketing Efforts

A superb conference, which has supported and encouraged my marketing efforts. This will help push me over the edge to success with a balance of art production and sales.

Thank you for opening up this first conference… I forgot to say that I’m in London. You are reaching the world!

Pam Williams


A Benefit For Years To Come

My expertise is in marketing, so my compliments to Ariane and her team of experts comes from this perspective.

So often an artist does not know where to start, but anyone who wants to be a professional artist needs business and marketing skills.

Ariane and her team of experts hit all the major areas, both as an overview and in depth with references that harnessed creative energy. This smARTist® TeleSummit has positioned Ariane as a leading expert in the field.

To everyone who took the plunge and invested in their career, I’m sure that the changes we make today, from this learning experience, will benefit us for years to come.

Teresa Galschneider


The smARTist® Telesummit dramatically changed my life in three ways:

  1. Increased my marketing knowledge tremendously. Now I have an abundance of marketing knowledge to help promote and sell my art! I’ve been implementing a lot of the Internet tips from Joan Stewart, Claudine Hellmuth and Alyson Stanfield and have increased traffic (2000 visits/day) to my websites.
  2. Provided me with the tools and resources to increase my exposure. The smARTist® Telesummit has definitely given me great tools to take better advantage of publicity outlets and opportunities. For example, I’m now using a blog, a Squidoo lens, and YouTube to generate traffic to my websites.
  3. Gave me the confidence and permission to “toot my own horn.” I feel like I’ve just barely scratched the surface here. The resources provided by Ariane Goodwin and her line up of experts really fueled my fire, and will keep me going for a very long time…

…at least until the next smARTist® Telesummit!

Sandy Sandy


Very Moving

I found it very moving, and plan to listen to it again—probably several times.

It opened up a wonderful flow of feeling in me and tears of relief. Trust your intuition about the leadership you’re providing, Ariane. You’re doing a great job!

Cathy Morgan


I’m So Impressed With The Speakers

I’m so impressed with the Speakers this year that I couldn’t imagine any other line up that would exceed the level of specialty competence, content quality, and integrity of character presented by each and every one of them.

I’m looking forward to making the best of all this information over the next year. Thank you, Ariane!

Jan Jensen


5 Ways smARTist Worked For Me

After listening to the smARTist® 1st Panel Day on “Balance,” I realized what an amazing resource is available to the creative community.

Here are 5 results of my participation in this year’s telesummit:

  1. I’ve taped a visual outline on the wall right behind my computer, and I update it monthly.
  2. I added a blog to my personal website and my gallery website. Now that I can talk the walk, I promote blogging to other entrepreneurs (or is it walk the talk?).
  3. I set up an outline of all smARTist™ speakers for a two-week, per topic, strategy, from March 31 to September 22. During each two-week phase, I will extract and apply some small idea, which will eventually become bigger than life for my business and me.
  4. Using Aletta de Wal’s suggestion to keep goals simple, realistic and achievable, I kick start my day with tips from one of the following speakers: self care by Waverly, Eric Maisel’s incantations, or Jennifer Louden’s Breath of Joy.
  5. I hired someone to organize my office space before the end of April.

Thank You. I’m blessed and encouraged by all of this smARTist® information.

Judy Korge


A Little Family Reunion

I have learned a great deal from this and love your enthusiasm for assisting artists. I recently met another smARTist® from this telesummit in person for the first time at an international trade show… it was like a little family reunion. Thanks again for all you do!

Cherish Flieder


Great To Feel Connected

It’s so great to feel connected to other art professionals. For so long I have felt like I was taking on the art world single handed. Thanks, and blessings to you.

Robert Glover


Stimulating, Uplifting Ideas

I want to convey how immensely grateful I am to you for creating and facilitating the smARTist Telesummit and the two coaching follow-up calls. Indeed, you did a magnificent job making the entire event flow smoothly…. with an attractive, informative website and handouts.

I’ve been enjoying the stimulating, uplifting ideas from each session, especially your wisdom and insights about how to effectively market artwork through a website. Ariane…hats off to you!

Mixie Eddy


Pushed Me And Encouraged Me

Your  smARTist Telesummit pushed me and encouraged me to make important changes. First, I changed things on the website that were suggested, and now I have a young women who comes weekly to help with my art business. I also teamed up with 3 other artists for support and accountability as I move my career forward.

I have several degrees, and I’ve taught 7-year olds to graduate students, so I appreciate your clear presentation of the material. I also appreciate how you share what you know. You have touched many with this conference.

Thank you. Thank you.

Dianne Mattar


Great Team Of Experts

Thank you for putting this great team of experts together. What I’ve read/heard so far is outstanding. It is a priceless experience.

Bonnie Druschel


Really Rang A Bell For Me

Thank you so much for this week of presentation. It was really amazingly helpful. To my surprise, Michael Bungay Stanier’s presentation really rang a bell for me, as well as Claudine Hellmuth’s.

I suddenly realized that communication with other people was my strength, and that I love working with people as emotional human beings.

Fabienne Bismuth


Comprehensive And Inspiring

I think the telesummit is amazing! I especially appreciate that you have included some people “outside” the art world. It’s a great mix. Kudos to you! Thanks again for such a comprehensive, inspiring enterprise.

Nancy Ortenstone


Wow!! So Much To Digest.

Wow!! So much to digest. Thank you for creating smARTist™ and bringing these wonderful experts together for this conference.

Marlyse Ruess


Very Pleased

I’m very pleased that I decided to register for the smARTist® 2008 Platinum Package.

Listening to the material is like having a private coach who repeats herself over and over again, and each time there is something new to digest. Thank you!

Kaitha Het Heru


I Have Experienced More clarity  Than I have Ever Known

The smARTist® Telesummit is still echoing and resonating within me. Since the live event, I have experienced more clarity about my art career than I have ever known. I’ve shifted my outlook from a tentative position to one of confident exploration and direction.

The presenters’ information helped me get a clearer look at the combined view of my business, self-care, and creative practices. I began to see how they interconnect; where the stronger and weaker links are, and the effect these have on the entire process. Rather like the inner workings of an antique wall clock, each part contributes to the overall function. My biggest surprise has been finding how very small adjustments often yield big results.

Another benefit of smARTist® came from the sheer quantity of information shared. There wasn’t enough time to digest it all during the live event, but this turned out to be a gift. I began “sifting” through the information, listening and analyzing each topic to see what works now, what will work later, or won’t fit at all.

I could afford to do this sifting because I knew the speakers were recorded, and I had access to the information whenever I wanted it. I can’t express how grateful I am for the recordings.

After a few days some common threads began appearing. Learning what I “don’t want” has helped me define what I “do want.” I used to be stuck in a maze of so many options that I couldn’t find my way out!

To deepen my study and strengthen some of my weaker links, I have already purchased some books written by one of the presenters. I am starting with my topmost-needed priority, and I’m looking forward with excitement to working my way down the list — little by little, moving with confidence and intuition — toward an art career built on solid business practices that will support my creative vision and its expression. It’s not a “maybe” anymore; now it’s just a matter of time.

Janet Jensen


Now I Feel Well Equipped To Do Everything

This smARTist conference was a resource-packed week, both necessary and timely. Now I feel well equipped to do everything; to take on my business challenges armed with support and new dot-com strategies.

Best regards and thanks again from this entrepreneur and photographer.

Barbara Youngleson


Useful Information And Confidence

Already I have gained a great deal of useful information and confidence about where I am in my art career from the recordings and PDFs. Thanks to all concerned!

Margaret Meechang


 Back For More!

What I realized, after attending smARTist the first time, and with the facts presented there, is that I got a solid feeling for the millions of opportunities available, and a belief in the greater good of the art world.

My LD ADHD brain fits right into the new milieu, and now I know how to pull together my art, my IT background, and the business feminist networks I’ve cultivated. So now I’m back for more!

E. Seidel


Fabulous, Exciting Ideas

First of all I do want to say how much I have enjoyed the material presented at the Telesummit. I had a family emergency the night before it all began, but now I have been listening to the audios and catching up. There have been so many fabulous, exciting ideas presented and I do know that I don’t want to let them fizzle away.

I have lots of “intentions,” but selected one that needs my attention immediately. I felt it best to stay focused, not add additional stress to my life, and to tackle just this one. I loved how Mark Silver took a long deep breath at the beginning of his presentation. That small gesture made a huge impact in itself.

So I am taking a deep breath, and planning to tackle one task at a time. Here goes!

Marianne Post


Struck With The Presenters’ Generosity

I am SO glad that I signed on to the smARTist Telesummit. I have been struck with your ingenuity and the presenters’ generosity. I’ve gleaned both joy and gratitude. THANK YOU Ariane and Presenters.

Gail Harper



I listened to the first session until 1 AM Sunday evening—WOW, what a wealth of information!

Already I’m setting my goals, freeing up time to work in my studio, and doing a website makeover based on this information from smARTist®.

I had a pretty firm foundation for what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure where to start. With the information from your telesummit I now have direction and things I’m excited to pursue. I cannot thank you and your speakers enough for my new beginnings.

Not having done much marketing in the past, what you provided was invaluable. It’s hard to imagine, at this point, how the telesummit could possibly get better but I have no doubt you will make it happen.

Mickey Baxter


I’ve Been Listening Again and Again

Congratulations for putting on an amazing teleconference. The smARTist speakers were excellent, informative and inspiring.

Having been a self-supporting artist for 18 years, I was afraid I might not learn too much new. But the world is changing daily, and this sort of information is essential to keeping up.

There were so many choice nuggets of new ideas to absorb that I’m thrilled. I’ve downloaded the series to my iPod and I’ve been listening again and again. I know that if I’d had the right information at the beginning of my career, I could have saved myself 10 years of struggling.

These smARTist lectures continue to serve as a constant resource of information for me. Every time I listen, I get another tip I hadn’t noticed before.

As an example, I recently won a National Portfolio competition and I was also signed to a prominent Toronto gallery.

I used Joan Stewart’s talk on Publicity to help me send out a press release to my contact list and the media, which resulted in a lot of local press. My new gallery was very impressed and said they’ve never worked with an artist who is so knowledgeable and pro-active about promotion.

Please keep me on your mailing list and count me in for next year!

Shirley Williams


I was a complete skeptic…

Believe me, at first I was a complete skeptic about the value of the smARTist Telesummit. But there have been so many changes in my art career since attending last year! One change is about the material that I teach my photography students. I have used the ideas, and shown the websites, of at least 5 smARTist speakers.

On my own website, instead of a “contact” button, the button says, “Join the mailing list”. I spent some time in NYC last summer investigating the gallery scene and realized that I am an image generator, not a marketer, schmoozer, etc.

This insight combined with the talk of corporate art dealers from smARTist, led me to my current contract negotiations with a major corporate art player.

I could go on and on, from Duboff outlining the origin of copyright law in the Constitution to Maisel’s Ten Zen seconds. The depth and breath of smARTist was astonishing. And… I just sent you a check today for the next Telesummit.

John Nordell


No Longer Afraid To Take The Next Steps 

I just have to say that I am astounded at where my art career has lead me since I partook in your course… when I look back at where I was when I signed up in December to where I am now … it is truly amazing.. the creativity in my work has really opened up…

I am no longer afraid to take the next steps.. the public art gallery (Art Gallery of Hamilton) in my city has a piece of my work and has asked that I keep them informed about any new work and what is happening with my career…

I have been invited to some incredible events in the USA for my art… and I have taken on a new direction and opened up the possiblity to have my work Licensed…

WOW … I can’t thank you enough for running an awesome course … and the feedback on the Social sites… even though I haven’t completely connected are amazing… from the bottom of my heart thank you Ariane for connecting the dots for the Artist Community.

Elle How


Best Thing I’ve Done For My Career, Ever!

The smARTist Telesummit is the best thing I’ve done for my career, ever.

The amount of information I received, (and today is only Tuesday), is over whelming. I’m looking forward to getting all the audios so I can listen to the panels anywhere I am. Thank you so much for giving so much to me. I flow with gratitude

Alison Horvitz


…In This Financial Climate…

I can’t believe the people you collected! I can’t believe the value! You know, if anyone is serious about trying to make it as an artist — particularly in this financial climate — it seems to me they’ve got to get the information you are offering or they’re just swimming in a storm — you and your crew are the lighthouse!

Robert Girandola


Significant ‘Aha’ Moments


I’ve been running my art business for nearly five years, and without a business plan.

During the smARTist Telesummit, I had significant ‘aha’ moments.

First, I was motivated to write a business plan. Second, I separated my art line into two separate entities: one for my wholesale, functional art, and the other for my fine art. I also started a weekly post on my blog about business issues for artists.

Amy A. Crawley


I know I’ll be listening to these as my husband & I cruise down the highway…

I just received the most wonderful package in the mail. It was the entire smARTist recordings beautifully packaged as a group in CD format! I no longer recall if this was included as part of the online, live event, Platinum Package I bought, but it’s here and I’m lovin’ it.

I am about to take a two-day car trip this weekend from Boston to Philly and back—and I know I’ll be listening to these as my husband and I cruise down the highway. Thank you so much!

Huguette May


The change is so big that I bet most people would feel scared

I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for organising the smARTist Telesummit, two years in a row!

Thanks to pure luck, I found your website two and a half years ago. Since then, your wonderful book and the Telesummits have helped to make my career a lot easier to advance.

I wish I’d met you 10 years ago! The young artists coming to your telesummit are really lucky to be there now, not 10 years down the road.

It’s not only the 2008 Telesummit that helped, but the ensemble of resources: your book + the Telesummits. At last I can grasp the true spirit of my work. The change is so big that I bet most people would feel scared.

I will not be surprised if everything takes a completely new and unexpected route: my medium, profile, direction, priorities…all of my career. So, thank you. And thanks to all of the speakers who came on board!

Dmitry Badiarov


Got The Verification I Needed

Ariane, I just had to take a moment to tell you how happy I am to have registered for the smARTist Telesummit again!

Today I learned the one thing that has been on my mind, which I have been wanting to do, but didn’t know if it was a smart move in the long run.

In today’s panel, I got the verification I needed that my idea is indeed a smart move. Thank you all for a job well done! All the sessions still to come will be like dessert, and I will savor every bite.

Linda Richichi


Appreciate The Quality And Chemistry

The smARTist Telesummit panel for today just ended, and I wanted to write and tell you how appreciative I am of all the information and points of view. I had written in the question about the economy and it was used as the “hot seat” question.

I feel very satisfied with the responses and found all of the answers very, very useful. For me, even responses that may not be deemed “nitty gritty” and business-like… actually are!

I am very happy that I signed up for this (I’ve never done anything like this before) and I really appreciate the quality and chemistry of the panel.

Dahvi Fradkin


It’s a great value…

You have done a great job of bringing all of this information together and providing it to us in a nice, neat package. Plus it’s a GREAT VALUE, considering how much you get!

James Morreau


I was so afraid of spending the money…

I am absolutely LOVING the smARTist Telesummit 2008 program. I was so afraid of spending the money with the economy declining, (I am my only support) but I did it and I am just so pleased.

I am getting so many ideas as I listen to the lessons in my car and at home until it all really sinks in. Thank you so much. It was money really well spent!

Cherie Grampp


This Is Going To Be A GREAT YEAR

I am just blown away by the information provided by the smARTist Telesummit! I’ve cancelled all other appointments to make sure I am available for each smARTist discussion.

I can’t tell you how much help you, the team, and panel have given me. It’s not easy to find like-minded peers that waste no time in tackling meaningful issues, like Alyson Stanfield who is a never-ending source of vital information, willing and more than just able to give her all.

So, here I am – expanding, listening, valuing every word. This is going to be a GREAT YEAR because of all of you.

Jacqueline L. Patten


I Just Have To Say WOW! 

I just have to say WOW! I downloaded the smARTist Telesummit panel presentations and listened to them while driving to and from a gallery exhibit opening 4.5 hours away. The amount of information and sharing of ideas was fabulous.

Libby Mijanovich


Don’t Remember The Last Time I Was So Motivated And Inspired 

This week has been amazing…I don’t remember the last time I was so motivated and inspired. I have gotten so much from the keynote speaker’s presentations, the pre-events, even the panel days, and I am saddened that tomorrow will be the last day. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you have all put into this amazing resource for artists. I am feeling ready to re-emerge in my new locale with my confidence, inspiration, skills, and vision strong.

The keynote speakers were exceptional at not only sharing their information and resources, but their friendly down-to-earth speaking style allowed us to feel like we were listening to a friend giving advice over a cup of coffee.

I am looking forward to next year’s smARTist Telesummit already! And please let me know what I can do to spread the word for smARTist. This has been an amazing week. My profound thanks!

Julie Cooper Young


Enriching And Stimulating 

The first thing I want to do is THANK YOU, Ariane, for this extraordinary week; so enriching, stimulating and well organized!

I do feel sorry it is already over!

The forum was a new thing for me, a bit awkward at first, but I am enjoying the discussions and how it introduces us to each other in a casual way—a great way to network, as Jane put it.

Thank you for keeping all of this up for a while, as it will be great support and fun for everyone, I am sure. As I was listening to the speakers, I started to a sketch a plan for 1 year, 2 years and 5, which I will define more next week.

So merci beaucoup for your energy, and the time it took to bring it all together. (Do you hear a French accent here?)

Louise Jalbert


Professional Training From The Best

Isn’t it amazing how fast a year can fly by? This is my 2nd year with smARTist.

And here I am again, as a professional, developing another intention, another goal. Ready for another year.

Simple as that.

Coming to the conference is a serious commitment that I hold myself accountable to. Any extra time spent with coaching, questions & answers, or just revisiting the presentation topics is well spent.

This is professional training from the best and I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year!

Jen Barbati


I’m On Fire! 

Thanks for including me in this mindblowing, wonderful experience of the Smartist adventure! I know it sounds hokey, but that is what it is…an adventure in creativity and business presented like no other.

I’m on fire about this! So my sincerest thanks to you and to the others you so graciously present to us newbies. You all really inspire people to really take to arms and create a better place for us creative types.

Can’t wait for the home study version!

Amy Jackman


The Magic Of Belonging 

A real sense of belonging has come over me with this group.

Ariane, I’m so glad I registered for the Telesummit. What a wonderful experience… to have all this expertise and wisdom available to me “live” without having to leave home.

I have to admit, a bit of sadness has hit me this morning as I realize this afternoon is our last day of sessions. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with everyone on the Forum.

I’m going to miss running around like crazy to be sure I clear the time to not miss the opening remarks of each session. A real sense of belonging has come over me with this group.

And that’s something I’ve been missing as I work day in and day out to create and market my work. I hope the magic of belonging continues.

Tom Hlas


My Advice? Take The Investment!

My advice about smARTist: Take the investment seriously if you signup.

The smARTist Telesummit gave me the information boost I needed to put my art career on the right track.

The results:

  • A very fine gallery in Florida contacted me through my social media gate to represent my work and offered me a one-person show.
  • I have had several sales through that gallery and through another Gallery in San Antonio, TX
  • I have had sales directly from my eNewsletter
  • Within a short time of being on Facebook, I gathered 2500 fans and over 4500 friends.

A huge benefit to all of this is that I have met and had conversations with some of the top artists in the country and can now count them as true friends.

I attribute most of these results to following the advice and catching the enthusiasm of the smARTist presentations, as well as paying close attention to the advice of my friend Alyson Stanfield.

My advice about smARTist: Take the investment seriously if you signup.

Not everything presented will apply directly to you, but the material that does should be studied and, more importantly, acted upon.

Micheal Lynn Adams


I Look Forward To Listening Again and Again 

It has been with the utmost amazement that I have been listening to the various panelists and speakers here on the smARTist Telesummit. The depth and breadth of their individual and collective wisdom is truly astounding!

I cannot even begin to calculate how much time and effort they are saving us, since their knowledge is hard won through years of trial and error, experiences good and bad, perhaps even “blood, sweat and tears”… and here they are gladly and generously opening up their hearts and sharing the benefits of all that with us. I look forward to listening again and again to the recorded sessions… it seems like I hear something new each time!

My hand crampeth and my notebook runneth over! “Thank you!” from the deepest recesses of my “heart of hearts” … both to you and your fantastic experts!

Wm. Kelly Bailey


I was so afraid of spending the money…

I am absolutely LOVING the smARTist Telesummit. I was so afraid of spending the money with the economy declining, (I am my only support) but I did it and I am just so pleased.

I am getting so many ideas as I listen to the lessons in my car and at home, until it all really sinks in. Thank you so much. It was money really well spent!

Cherie Grampp


I Came In As A Bit Of A Skeptic 

I am happy to say that I came into this conference as a bit of a skeptic, who had painful difficulty coughing up the money, and now I am a convert.

The conference has been amazing and mind-boggling. Thank you for the breadth of topics and good speakers. I’ve gleaned a lot from the variety of speakers. It was great to get up-to-date info from experts about POD, giclees and the market changes/perceptions.

I look forward to continued learning/(does that mean I have to get a twitter account?) and revisiting all the lectures and digesting them in the next few months.

Marcia Middleton