arianelgpic_signatureHow did I get here?

Three years after my book – Writing The Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work – hit the information highway, I had artists tracking me down to see if there were other ways I could help them.

At first, I was taken aback. At the time, my post-grad identity was oozing into multiple creative venues (sound familiar?) and I wanted to hide out in my safety zone—writing.

It took one, very determined husband/agent of a painter to convince me that, yes, I had to work with his wife – and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: a monthly “retainer” for an entire year. Amazing how brave you get in the face of grad loans that need to be paid.

That beginning was pretty laughable: I honestly thought “coaching” meant little league baseball.

Turns out that the years I spent raising my children (yup, I’m a mom), running my own natural food production company (yup, I rock with recipes, plus I’m an entrepreneur with the DNA of my great grandfather who founded Whitewater, Kansas in 1877.), and then landing my doctorate in Human Development and Creative Behavior (yup, I’m a “doc.”)—all of this had netted me an overflowing basket of business, marketing, and educational skills that were about to turn a huge corner…

…and return me to the roots of my childhood, that Bastille of bohemian artistry in Big Sur, CA, where the wild mountainside careens into the crashing waves of the Pacific.

You see, I come from a family of artists: writer father (those are my genes) alongside 3 generations of painters: grandmother, mother, and daughter.

Why smARTist?

It was an accident.

I was surfing online for information about coaching (remember, at one time I thought this was a sports thing) when I ran into the very first telesummit ever. Granted, that  telesummit was directed at coaches, but a light bulb went off.

Suddenly, I didn’t need to become an expert on all things art career because I could find those who already were, and offer them a keynote, speaking gig online. Eureka!

Little did I guess how big the art career information gap for visual fine artists was back in the dark ages of 2006 and 2007.

Now, of course, everyone and his pet turtle have jumped on this bandwagon.

But, my desire to be of service to the creative agents of human consciousness (didn’t know you had such a grand title, did you?) was only scratching the surface with the smARTist Telesummits.

So down came the telesummit banner. And up went this smARTist Store—so you have access to individual keynote presentations about art career subjects you need to be successful.

Side Note: Never, ever be clever with an online name.

Why? Because people won’t spend one, single second when they hit your web page trying to figure out what you do or who you are.

Too bad (or some would say, good thing!) I wasn’t able to give myself that same advice when I founded smARTist – and now its been branded so completely that it works.

So much for rules.

What am I up to next?

I’m brewing up a delicious banquet of new material so you can create priceless, prosperous, and promising relationships that sell your work for you.

It’s called The Path of Visionary Affluence.

And I’ll be revealing more and more about this very soon.

Click here to read more about how smARTist got started.