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smARTist 2.0 Ariane GoodwinAs a worldwide phenomenon, smARTist® focused on building the careers of visual artists. Its online conferences brought together over 2,000 artists who learned from 45 successful artists and leading art career authorities with 65 presentations on all aspects of an art career, from the best way to approach corporate collectors to which career-building habits lead to success.

The combined lists of all 45 presenters had an outreach of over 250,000 people. Testimonials poured in from around the world and 43 US states, reminding the smARTist® team how much artists need trustworthy and valuable career information that includes, but goes beyond, artist-as-business owner.

Now the smARTist® legacy continues with smARTist® 2.0 where all those archived, art-career, golden goodies are now available to even more artists—emerging, mid-career, and advanced.

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